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Welcome to our Institutional Repository CIATEC!

Our repository is a digital platform that contains all our academic, scientific, technological and innovation information, which is linked to the National Repository CONACYT following international standards set out in the Technical Guidelines for the construction of institutional repositories published by CONACYT.


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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2014A New Drying Application for Garment LeatherArtículoROBERTO ZITZUMBO GUZMAN24-Feb-2021
2021Analysis of the MK brick kiln thermal behaviorArtículoROBERTO ZITZUMBO GUZMAN24-Feb-2021
2016Centros de pelotas para softball y baseball profesional: producto y proceso.PatenteROBERTO ZITZUMBO GUZMAN19-Sep-2017
2014Design of experiments and statistical optimization in manufacturingCapítulo de libroROBERTO ZITZUMBO GUZMAN24-Feb-2021
2005Development of an eco-efficient product/process for the vulcanising industryArtículoSERGIO ALONSO ROMERO5-Feb-2021
2014Development of an eco-efficient product/process for the vulcanising industryArtículoROBERTO ZITZUMBO GUZMAN24-Feb-2021
2013Diseño factorial fraccionado con puntos al centro aplicado al vulcanizado del EPDMCapítulo de libroMARIA BLANCA BECERRA RODRIGUEZ13-Sep-2018
2015Estimation of the Elastic Properties of Polymer Plates Using a Structured Light TechniqueArtículoROBERTO ZITZUMBO GUZMAN24-Feb-2021
2012Nucleating Effect of Carbon Nanoparticles and Their Influence on the Thermal and Chemical Stability of PolypropyleneArtículoROBERTO ZITZUMBO GUZMAN24-Feb-2021
2018Optimization of tensile strength in injection molded polyamide-6 pieces using neuronal network techniques and non-linear programmingArtículoROBERTO ZITZUMBO GUZMAN24-Feb-2021
2011Polystyrene Composites Prepared with Polystyrene Grafted-fibers of Sugarcane Bagasse as Reinforcing MaterialArtículoROBERTO ZITZUMBO GUZMAN24-Feb-2021
2007Proceso y producto obtenido a partir de una mezcla asfalto-polímero utilizando polímeros de desecho.PatenteSERGIO ALONSO ROMERO19-Sep-2017
2010Rheology of asphalt and styrene–butadiene blendsArtículoSERGIO ALONSO ROMERO5-Feb-2021